Midnight Legion (Box Set Book 1)
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Midnight Legion (Box Set Book 1)

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  • Item #: S9G10010
  • Manufacturer: Studio 9 Games
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The Midnight Legion box set includes: 2 Custom Dice, Game Map, Book 1, and Memory Book

The Midnight Legion is a highly advanced color illustrated gamebook series in the style of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series, but with MUCH more (think more like an advanced version of SORCERY! or LONE WOLF with deeper character generation). The gameplay system is for solo or 2-player use. There are combat, puzzles, diplomacy, stealth and role playing elements. Collect information, knowledge and goods from the world around you to advance your character.

You are an android agent who had been activated after hundreds of years of stasis. Your scheduled mission is still centuries in the future, but your underground base has been invaded and you are needed to defend it.

Unfortunately, it will take time for your memories to return. As you fight, trick or sneak your way up from the lower levels to the surface and your memories begin filtering back, you realize that your mission is not what you thought it was—and you may not be who you think you are. 

Choose your strategy wisely, because every choice you make now will lead to different options later. The world has changed since you were put to sleep, and you will need to decide whether you are still willing to follow your ancient orders or whether you are ready to set a new future in motion.